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Some effective tips that really helped you to get more followers on instagram

There are certainly few things that can help you increase your followers organically. Here are some of the effective tips that really helped you to get more followers on instagram.

Search for some hashtags and find some of the best performing posts for each hashtag. Post a relevant  meaningful comment in line with your business. Repeat every day.

Profile Design

Profile is the first and the main contact with new subscribers. Use keywords in the name and login. Make the most of the Bio field. Specify a link to the site, if you do not have a website, then on a social network or blog.


Always select a niche or category which you are interested in. As for example if you like a lot of motivational videos and post a lot of content about motivation, it sure knows that you would be interested in motivational videos and your content would be good for other users who are interested in motivational content. So try to choose a specific niche in which you are interested.

Image post is good but video post is more effective

High quality content is one of the keys. Take care of the image quality. Post only that content in which the people will express interest. So that they click on the photo and read your post, and then go to the page and subscribe.

If you want to gain followers, post video content over image content. In a week you must be share 3–4 video from your page, Video length not should be lengthy. Currently Instagram suggests your content to other users who might be interested in your content. If any of your video goes viral then you will get lot of followers.

Post every day

Posting regularly and too much content is what gained us a lot of followers. Try posting during different times of the day and see what really works. Use posting on schedule to optimize the publication of content. The multifunctional InstaDao system has excellent opportunities for posting schedules.

Repost Content

Repost Content of other users during different times of the day.

Add geolocation

Find out or think about where your target audience is and add the appropriate locations to your publications and also add the hashtag in order to appear in more searches.

Your Bio should be complete (Make perfect page in Instagram)

Average Instagram user can understand which accounts have fake and which are not fake. So use your real profile only. Your bio should be used to feature a call-to-action, branded hashtags, and links, which is a big deal in the quest for new Instagram users. You want to let users know who you are and why they should follow you.

In short, make sure your Instagram account is authentic and original.

Who to follow

Do not go following anyone or everyone, make sure that you are following people in your own niche. Best to follow people who comment on others posts and they post regularly. If you want to follow others, then you are going to have to follow them. This is a simple rule of reciprocation that is common on all social media formats. So, instead of just uploading photos and expecting people to come to you, you also have to put yourself out there.

Search for users and brands that share your interests and comment, then like and share their photos. Follow Instagram stars and influencers and engage with them.

Promote in other social media platforms:

This includes joining Facebook engagement groups and promote there. You can participate in their relevant threads. You can also make your own facebook page and groups and connect your Instagram profile.





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