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Want to get more likes on Facebook

Get more likes and engagement on your Facebook post.

There are mainly two method to get more likes on your facebook posts or pages.

1. Paid method

You have to boost your posts or pages to get more engagements where thousands of people will view your posts and page and some of them will like this.

Run the facebook advertisement. Which allows you not only engagements (likes, share, comment), it also allows Leeds Generation. Leeds generation means you will get the enquiry (name, email, mobile no.) of the people which is intrested in the post or your products / services.

2. Free method

At first i want to say you it is a free method, So there is no any shortcut of this. It will definity takes more time.

  • Use other social media such as Quora. Quora is a good platform for any type of question's answer. Select a question which is related to your facebook post and then answer them with good understanding content. With answer, post  the facebook post link and page link. Once you provide better answers you will get more followers and the followers will upvotes your answer that will help you to drive audience to quora from Facebook or to Facebook from Quora.
  • Post any viral content and do post very frequently on page nearly 4-6 posts in a day and after that invite all your friends one by one. Ask for friends and other persons to like your page and post personally.
  • Drop your page/post link in the comments section with preview. You will surely get like from their.
  • Share your posts and pages to your website and blog.
  • Give the professional look to your page's profile and cover photo.
  • Post viral videos which give a lesson to the viewer
  • Use Facebook’s Page Plugin on your website or blog.
  • Regularly visit your Facebook Insights to find out which content is working with your audience.
  • Tag other pages in your posts. When you post dont forget to mention them. it creates trust and reliability.
  • Include your Facebook link everywhere. Such as Email, Twitter Instagram, websites, blogs, Whatsapp.

What you don't have to do


  • Don't buy fake likes from any service provider because you will not get any real engagements and no real engagements means no value.
  • If we use fake likes then the Facebook may temporarily banned user to perform some action, or the page may be unpublished.  If you keep doing this then it may lead to permanent banning of account.

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